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Grades are figured using the district grading scale and on a weighted point system broken into the following categories:


Rehearsal Etiquette (40%) - Our goal is to facilitate a rehearsal experience that is focused on driving musicianship and vocal skills to a deeper level of understanding.

Performances (40%) – Performance grades are based not only on the student’s performance during the concert but also on the student’s demonstration of proper concert etiquette. This includes showing up on time, being dressed appropriately, and ready to give their best performance both on and off stage.

Music Portfolio (20%) – Students will be assigned work in Schoology and class to demonstrate GROWTH in their music reading abilities, knowledge of music theory concepts and ability to make choices and express opinions using musical terminology.

Grading Rubrics.png

Make-Up Work Policy

CCHS Late work policy - Make-Up work will be accepted 2 weeks following the assigned due date before receiving a "0".

Concerts are a culmination of our classroom learning and your chance to share your talent and hard work. They are an expectation and a major part of the student’s grade.

Please mark your calendars and plan ahead. Students need to report to Ms. Steele 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of the concert for attendance and warm-ups.
If a student must miss a performance please notify Ms. Steele as soon as possible prior to the

performance time. To make up for a missed performance grade the student will be required to perform the music with a few additional class members outside of class time.

Cell-Phone Policy:

There will be no use of electronic devices in the choral classroom during instructional lessons & choral rehearsal. Any inappropriate use will result in the confiscation of the device according to CCHS school policies.

Fundraising Policy:

Fundraising is an effective way to support the choir program in any future endeavors. Fundraisers will be lead by the choir leadership team, and although participation is highly encouraged, it is not required.

Activities Fee:

As a member of choir, you are participating in an activity that requires the $25 activity fee. If you have further questions regarding that, please email Ms. Steele or the Activities Office.

Make-Up Policy
Cell Phones
Activity Fee
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