Grading is calculated as follows:

Performances = 200 pts.

Daily Participation = 10 pts.

Assignments = 10 pts.

Tests/Quizzes = 10 pts.

Make-Up Work Policy

Make-Up work will be accepted 2 weeks following the assigned due date before receiving a "0".

Performances are the culmination of the work that is done in class. As such performances are required. If you know in advance that you will miss a concert, let Ms. Steele know immediately. Work is not an excused absence. Make-Up work for a performance will be at the discretion of the director.

Cell-Phone Policy:

As choir is an opportunity to create a more powerful human experience, the use of cell phones is restricted to special circumstances as determined by director. Any issues with not following this expectation will result in an initial warning, followed by a visit to the office.

Fundraising Policy:

Fundraising is an effective way to support the choir program in any future endeavors. Fundraisers will be lead by the choir leadership team, and although participation is highly encouraged, it is not required.

Activities Fee:

As a member of choir, you are participating in an activity that requires the $25 activity fee. If you have further questions regarding that, please email Ms. Steele or the Activities Office.